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About Us

Fuel Reformation Inc. brings emissions reduction and fuel efficiency to practical application. Our company is focused on fuel emulsification technology, Hydrogen boosting fuel enhancement technology, Fuel Reformation Technology and Energy sales through application of our various technologies to produce cheaper electrical power (Power Generation). We offer industrial users substantial cost savings, while reducing emissions well below anticipated regulations.

The business operates as an Independent division of the Fuel Technology Solutions Group of Companies. The Fuel Technology Solution Group of Companies operates through technically focused Independent divisions.
Group of Companies
Fuel Technology Solutions Group, Inc.: www.ftsgroupinc.com, which is engaged in Joint Ventures, Research and Development, Technology Licensing, Patents etc.
Fuel Reformation Inc. www.fuelreformation.com, which is focused on fuel emulsification, hydrogen enhancement, Power Generation and other performance emissions improvement methodology.
Fuel Upgrading Inc.: www.fuelupgrading.com, which is engaged in fuel desulfurization, acid and other selected contaminants removal from fuel, fuel refining process improvement and upgrading of fuel.