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Never before have we faced such a challenging outlook for the energy market. Rising fuel costs and increasingly stringent environmental regulations as well as a growing preference for ‘green’ solutions have prompted facility managers and business owners in many major markets to seek better methods of controlling their costs. Recent technological advances and market dynamics, including the evolution of R-Fuel, are changing the existing fuel paradigm.

Diesel and heavy fuel oils have been in use for over 100 years. They provide 80% of the energy used in land and maritime transportation as well as being important in power generation, industry and mining. They provide energy for engines, gas and steam turbines, boilers, boats, cargo ships, cruise liners, freight vessels, trains, trucks, cars, tractors, bulldozers and cranes as well as heating homes, hospitals and universities, so wherever these fuels are used in abundance, is a market for us.

Diesel power generation is a global market opportunity, but countries with weak power transmission infrastructures represent the best near-term opportunity. The largest markets in this category include Sub-Saharan African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, the Republic of South Africa and Kenya as well as Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.

Backyard power production, as it is called in these countries, often forms the power backbone without which many areas would go brown or black. In many of these countries, diesel fuel has been heavily subsidized, but these subsidies are starting to disappear, which puts considerable financial strain on the governments and residents.
These and other markets will welcome a technology that significantly reduces their fuel cost. Moreover, as their fuel often is of poor quality and their generators are older, R-Fuel is desirable because it does not put these systems under additional strain. The improved environmental qualities of R-Fuel are an additional benefit.