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Fuel Reformation Inc.’s mission is to extend the latest advances in fuel emulsion technology to companies consuming significant amounts of fuel oil throughout the world. These advances serve both Fuel Reformation Inc.’s stakeholders (investors, management, employees and clients) and the general public in that they reduce the costs of using all grades of fuel oil without significant capital investment, while aiding efforts to improve the environment, especially air quality, by drastically reducing toxic emissions from machinery using that fuel. That reduction includes removing more than 90% of exhaust particulates – named by the World Health Organization in June 2012 as a cause of cancer.

Our Purpose: To further develop and exploit new developments in the emulsion of fuel and water for the benefit of Fuel Reformation Inc.’s international clients and the public at large.

Our business: Building and maintaining fuel processing equipment for heavy users of fuel oil.

Our values: To make immediate economically feasible improvements in the global environment.

The fuel business is an exciting sector with opportunities for independents. We are focused on improving fuel efficiencies on residual fuels and middle distillates while dramatically improving their environmental friendliness. If you are a marine shipping company – we help you reach ECA2015 targets with HFO without scrubbing or expensive investments; If you are a utility power producer – we help you make your equipment more efficient while lowering your environmental footprint; If you are a mining company – we help you increase your fuel supply in remote locations without complicated logistics; If you are a fleet vehicle owner or operator – we improve your fleet’s fuel while making your vehicles cleaner and quieter; Through our innovative emulsification process, we provide the services and relationships that allow our customers to go green and save money at the same time.