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Why, Fuel Reformation Inc?

Reformation Fuel (R-Fuel) is an ideal alternative for heavy users of diesel and Heavy Fuel Oils(HFO) who wish to reduce their costs and emissions without extra expense. This new emulsion fuel developed by Fuel Reformation enhances an existing fuel using patented core technology. These enhancements allow for better efficiencies, stable fuels, and greater savings than before available in emulsion fuel. The primary market focus includes power generation, mining, and transportation. Fuel Reformation’s mission is to produce and distribute R-Fuel, in a safe, reliable, cost effective and environmentally sound manner.

Fuel Reformation will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance for our clients and our Investors.

Fuel Reformation incorporates financial strategies into every project evaluation. This ensures the production of R-Fuel will be integrated in the user’s day to day operation with minimum expense.
Fuel Reformation will partner with you to tailor a project for aspecific application, ranging from stationary power generation, to on-board transportation, to fleet service.

The advantages gained are:

1. Save on fuel cost
2. Save on maintenance
3. Save on upgrades

Lower Emissions
1. Reduce Sulfur Dioxides (SOx)
2. Reduce Nitrogen Dioxides (NOx)
3. Reduce Carbon Oxides (CO and CO2)
4. Reduce Particulate Matter (PM)

Easy Integration

1. No modifications needed to combustion units or engines
2. A-Fuel production is modular in design and operation
3. Fuel Reformation project packaging