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Fuel Reformation Inc. At a Glance

Fuel Reformation is formed as a Delaware “C” Corporation, our core mission is to provide affordable, reliable, increasingly clean fuel and energy — in safe and sustainable ways —doing business in a way that’s good for people, the planet and profits.

Fuel Reformation, Inc. prides itself as one of the leaders in the Fuel Emulsions Industry. We provide the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service on-site and through other media.
Significant operational efficiency can be obtained by use of alternative fuel in current design internal combustion engines. Introduction of hydrogen and oxygen and improved burn of conventional fuel is possible through addition of water as a fuel emulsion. This also reduces greenhouse gas emissions through improved burn.

Fuel Reformation, Inc. (FRI) was formed exclusively for the purpose of developing and implementing fuel efficiency technologies. We believe that by using our state of the art Nano-Fuel Emulsification technology any customer will be able to achieve optimum efficiency. Our breakthrough technology offers large fuel users a drop-in ready fuel with no loss of efficiency or power output, requiring no modifications to engines, boilers or combustion equipment.

Product:FRI manufactures, installs and maintains our Fuel Reformation Units that use a core technology and a proprietary additive to produce what we call Reformed Fuel “R-Fuel”, a cleaner, more efficient form of middle distillate fuel oil (diesel, kerosene or heavy fuel oil). The Fuel Reformation units called “FRU’s” are scalable, readily installed on-site and easy to operate.

Competitive Advantages: FRI’s FRU’s represent the most advanced fuel emulsion technology available, and the most readily adaptable to the wide variety of large-scale energy users. While a number of companies are currently engaged in the fuel emulsion field, FRI’s advantages include:

1. Superior revenue model – FRI offers to install and maintain its units on-site and to offer the customer a guaranteed savings on their fuel costs.

2. Superior results – FRI’s field-tested technology produces more efficient power production and larger reductions in toxic emissions.

3. Ease of installation and use – FRU’s are bundle-able and scalable. Two or more units can be used together, or units with variable and much larger capacity can be produced.

4. Adaptability – FRU’s can emulsify diesel, kerosene, biodiesel or heavy fuel oil. R-Fuel can be used in internal or external combustion engines. They can provide fuel for immediate use or for shipping and storage because R-Fuel is completely stable for at least one year.

5. By applying our technology under our No CAPEX model (For qualified clients) all customers will not be required to make any advance payments for our services.